About NearTrivia

What is NearTrivia?
NearTrivia is a new concept in online trivia, where many of the questions are supplied by you.
In fact, one of the easiest ways to rack up points on Neartrivia is to submit a question since you get 1 point for every question you submit. Additionally, every time a NearTrivia player answers your questions incorrectly, you will earn a point.
What's the difference between Neartrivia and FreePlay?
NearTrivia is the location-based version of the game where the questions are (generally) about the area the players are located. FreePlay mode allows you to play without using location services, for those who do not, or will not use location services on their devices.
Why is the site so dang ugly?
There are a couple reasons for this.
1. NearTrivia has been developed part-time by a single developer.
2. Design Budget? Yeah, there isn't one, nor is there any other budget.
3. I'm a developer, not a designer.
I think I found a bug.
I've never met a developer who programmed perfect code 100% of the time. If you think you found a bug, or receive an error on the site you do not understand, please send an email to admin@neartrivia.com with the details.
I want to speak with whoever's in charge!
Please contact admin@neartrivia.com with all inquiries.

NearTrivia Version: 1.2.6235.23185 BETA - Bugs? Admin@NearTrivia.com.

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